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As you use the Vobo platform, we encourage you to share your thoughts for improvements by emailing us at info@vobo.com. We’re striving for continuous improvement and therefore value your feedback. Thank you.  

Vobo User Guide

User Guide PDF Document

Videos that explain some of the main elements of the Vobo service:


Launching Your Vobo App

Staging a Welcome Message

App Configuration:

Configuring Your App’s Name, Image, Logo & Description

Changing Your App Menu & Colors

Securing App with Access Code

Adding Your Social Media Links

Managing Your Users / Members:

Uploading Your Members / Users

Tagging Your Members / Users to Simplify Sorting & Messaging, and Custom Registration Fields

Creating Member Groups for Sorting & Messaging

Messaging Analytics, Read Receipts, Polling & Feedback

Messaging & Communications

Basic Broadcast Messaging

Audio/Video Messaging

Sharing Features

Adding Grouping Links & Web-Accessible Information