Private Branded Apps for Orgs of Any Size

No Need for Custom App Development

Sign-Up and Your Members Can Start Downloading Your Own Branded App Immediately!

You're in Total Control with Our Powerful Admin Dashboard

      • Stylize app branding with your own look & feel, and color theme

      • Personalize your app’s description and Social Media links

      • Invite people worldwide to download your new mobile app

      • Send a simple link to join your social media via email and text

      • Send push notifications to one… some… or all subscribers

      • Send high quality text, images, audio and video content

      • Conduct polling / voting

      • Collect opinions from recipients

      • Advanced analytics to make informed decision

Flexible Management of Large Subscriber Groups

      • Create Private or Public User Groups

      • Define broad classes of subscriber groups

      • Offer a 24/7 contact portal linked to all media sources, event calendars, websites, and more…

      • Training and Organizational development

      • Generate revenue using integrated e-commerce platform

      • Publish fund-raising campaigns

      • Collect subscriber payments with automatic emailed receipts

      • Host on-line event registration pages 

      • Offer an online store 

Other Benefits:

      • Launch new broadcast channels around topics like training, regulations, etc.

      • Segregate communication channels by national, regional, or other organizational hierarchies

      • Allow local app users to automatically register with upstream hierarchies, mapped to org structures of any kind

      • And much more…!