Vobo MAaaS Pricing

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Professional
Choose your plan BasicPremiumProfessional
Choose your plan
Users: (US and International)
Maximum Primary1,00010,000100,000
Channels: (Dedicated Private & Secure Mobile Applications)
Standalone Mobile Apps (Secure or Open registration)125
Content Channels for optional following13
Group Leadership (Content and Supervisiory) Channels1
Audio Conferencing
Free in-App Bridge
Premium Bridge
Messaging: (incl. Advanced Analytics and Scheduling)
Unlimited HTML/PDF, Rich Text, Image, Audio/Video
Unlimited Private Audio
Private Video 100 GB/Month (~ 100 hrs @720P)$14.99 / mo
Private Video 300 GB/Month (~ 300 hrs @ 720P)
Polling, Voting and User Feedback messaging
Fully Configurable Private Branding
Secure Access & Follower suspend/delete
Custom Registration Fields support dynamic user grouping
Max 50 custom links / Channel
Max 50 Private & Open (user subscribed) Groups
Revenue share (Earn money from your app)
Affiliate Services
Fundraising by Gively™$250 / yr$125 / yr$0 / yr
UCaaS by Intermedia$ Call$ Call$ Call

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