The Vobo Story


Vobo was founded by a team of experienced professionals in technology and marketing with the goal of enabling individuals in leadership positions to build and manage their own custom mobile application  and elevate their community engagement without the need to contract developers to design and code their application.

This vision led to the creation of a new and innovative technology platform that delivers “Applications as a Service” and was developed through years of understanding customer market requirements.

We were approached with the challenge of providing a fully branded, customizable mobile application platform that allows client organizations to program informational connections and functionality links for their community members to quickly access community features and information delivered in real-time. Additionally, the platform must provide advanced enterprise-level mobile communications and member engagement services.

Our Vobo branded and Private Label partner branded platform has rapidly gained popularity among satisfied clients and is the go-to solution for organizations seeking to build informed and engaged communities.

At Vobo, we employ the business tactics of “Discovery, Analysis and Execution” to continue developing our application. Our service enables all member organizations and businesses to build and distribute custom branded mobile applications and enterprise messaging platforms to their communities and customers in less than a day, with no upfront capital, maintenance, or management fees. A mobile application with Vobo requires only a simple monthly recurring purchase, costing just pennies a day.

We are proud of our team, product, and our path of discovery. Our goal is to foster the creative process, continually improve and expand our market-disruptive solution.

The Vobo Team

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