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Case Study: VOBO.com Mobile Application Enhances Pacific Office Automation Field Sales Team’s Productivity and Access to Resources


Pacific Office Automation (POA) is a leading provider of office equipment and technology solutions, serving businesses across multiple industries. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field sales team, POA partnered with VOBO.com, a mobile application as a service platform. The collaboration aimed to empower the field sales representatives by providing instant access to vendor and internal marketing resources directly from their mobile phones, putting comprehensive product information at their fingertips.


The primary objectives of implementing VOBO.com for Pacific Office Automation’s field sales team were:

  1. Instant Access to Resources: Enable sales representatives to quickly access a vast array of vendor and internal marketing resources related to products and services offered by POA.
  2. Enhanced Sales Support: Empower sales professionals with relevant, up-to-date product information that they can use during meetings with potential clients.
  3. Increased Sales Efficiency: Streamline the sales process by providing a centralized repository of product information that the sales team can access on-the-go.


Before adopting VOBO.com, Pacific Office Automation’s field sales team faced several challenges:

  1. Lack of Real-time Information: Sales representatives often struggled to access the latest product details and marketing collateral when meeting with prospects, leading to missed opportunities.
  2. Disparate Resources: Marketing materials and vendor resources were scattered across various platforms, making it challenging for sales representatives to find the information they needed promptly.
  3. Inefficient Communication: Communication between the sales team and the marketing department was not seamless, causing delays in receiving updated materials.


To address these challenges, Pacific Office Automation integrated VOBO.com’s mobile application as a service into their sales processes:

  1. Custom Mobile App: VOBO.com developed a custom mobile application for Pacific Office Automation, designed to serve as a centralized platform for accessing marketing materials and vendor resources.
  2. Real-time Updates: The application allowed real-time updates, ensuring that sales representatives always had access to the most current product information and marketing materials.
  3. Comprehensive Resource Library: VOBO.com created a comprehensive library within the app, containing product brochures, spec sheets, pricing details, case studies, and other marketing collateral.


The implementation of VOBO.com for Pacific Office Automation’s field sales team involved the following steps:

  1. Needs Assessment: VOBO.com’s team worked closely with POA to understand the specific resource requirements of their sales team.
  2. App Development: VOBO.com designed and developed the mobile application tailored to POA’s needs, focusing on ease of use and real-time updates.
  3. Training and Onboarding: The sales team received comprehensive training on using the app effectively, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform.
  4. Integration with Systems: The application was seamlessly integrated with POA’s existing systems and processes to ensure a cohesive experience for the sales team.


The implementation of VOBO.com’s mobile application as a service led to significant improvements for Pacific Office Automation’s field sales team:

  1. Enhanced Sales Efficiency: Sales representatives could quickly access product information and marketing materials, enabling them to respond to prospect inquiries on-the-spot and conduct more productive client meetings.
  2. Improved Sales Support: The application provided the sales team with a wide range of resources to address customer needs, increasing their confidence and effectiveness during sales interactions.
  3. Centralized Resource Access: The comprehensive resource library within the app reduced the time spent searching for marketing collateral and vendor materials, streamlining the sales process.
  4. Real-time Updates: With instant access to real-time information, the sales team could stay up-to-date with the latest product features, pricing, and promotions, ensuring accurate and timely communication with prospects.


The feedback from Pacific Office Automation’s field sales team was overwhelmingly positive:

  1. Sales representatives appreciated the convenience of having all the necessary product information readily available on their mobile devices.
  2. The app’s user-friendly interface and real-time updates were praised for improving productivity and sales effectiveness.
  3. Marketing teams found it easier to communicate updates and provide necessary resources to the sales team, enhancing collaboration and overall efficiency.

Future Developments:

Building on the success of the initial implementation, Pacific Office Automation and VOBO.com plan to enhance the app further:

  1. Personalization: Implementing personalized resource recommendations based on the sales representative’s preferences and historical usage patterns.
  2. Offline Access: Adding functionality to allow sales representatives to access resources even in offline environments, ensuring constant accessibility.
  3. Analytics and Reporting: Introducing analytics and reporting features to track resource utilization and measure the app’s impact on sales performance.

Endorsement by Doug Patissi – CEO Pacific Office Automation

“The integration of VOBO.com mobile application as a service has significantly added value to Pacific Office Automation’s field sales team. The instant access to vendor and internal marketing resources directly from their mobile phones has empowered the sales representatives, putting all the necessary product information in the palm of their hands. This solution has improved sales efficiency, support, and communication, leading to enhanced productivity and better customer interactions. With future developments in the pipeline, Pacific Office Automation’s sales team can look forward to even more streamlined processes and increased success in the competitive market.”

Case Study: Empowering the Fight Against Brain Cancer with Vobo Mobile Application – The End Brain Cancer Initiative


The End Brain Cancer Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating brain cancer research and finding a cure for this devastating disease. Recognizing the critical role of patient engagement and information dissemination in advancing brain cancer research, the organization sought a modern solution to foster communication and collaboration among researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, and supporters. The adoption of the Vobo Mobile application emerged as a game-changing technology, facilitating unprecedented levels of patient engagement and support in the quest for a cure.


Brain cancer remains one of the most challenging and deadly forms of cancer, affecting thousands of lives worldwide. The End Brain Cancer Initiative has been at the forefront of driving research, advocacy, and awareness to combat this disease. However, traditional communication methods often fell short in effectively engaging with patients and supporters, limiting the organization’s ability to reach a broader audience and provide real-time updates on advancements in brain cancer research.

Adopting Vobo Mobile Application:

To bridge this communication gap and empower patients and supporters in their fight against brain cancer, The End Brain Cancer Initiative integrated the Vobo Mobile application into its strategies. Vobo offered an innovative and comprehensive platform that connected patients, caregivers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and supporters in a seamless manner. The application became the foundation for fostering meaningful patient engagement and supporting the organization’s drive for a cure.

Key Features and Benefits:

Real-time Updates: The app provided real-time updates on brain cancer research advancements, clinical trials, and treatment options, empowering patients and their families with the latest information.

Support Forums: Vobo’s support forums facilitated peer-to-peer interactions, allowing patients and caregivers to connect with others facing similar challenges, fostering a sense of community and shared strength.

Patient Stories: The platform showcased inspiring patient stories, creating awareness and building a network of support for individuals and families battling brain cancer.

Fundraising Initiatives: Vobo enabled easy and secure fundraising, encouraging supporters to contribute to brain cancer research and support initiatives.

Research Collaboration: The application facilitated communication and collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals, encouraging knowledge sharing and data exchange.

Impact and Results:

The integration of the Vobo Mobile application has had a profound impact on The End Brain Cancer Initiative’s efforts. Patient engagement and involvement reached new heights as individuals found solace and support in connecting with others going through similar experiences. Patients and their families expressed gratitude for the real-time updates and access to cutting-edge research, which instilled hope and confidence in their fight against brain cancer.

Furthermore, the app’s fundraising features enabled a surge in contributions, resulting in increased resources for research and support initiatives. The seamless collaboration among researchers and healthcare professionals accelerated the pace of brain cancer research, leading to promising breakthroughs and potential new treatment options.

Quote by The End Brain Cancer Initiative spokesperson:

“The Vobo Mobile application has been an invaluable asset in our mission to end brain cancer. Through this technology, we have created a strong and interconnected community of patients, supporters, and researchers. It has empowered patients with the latest information and provided them with a support system that is second to none. Vobo has revolutionized the way we engage with our community and has become a driving force in our pursuit of a cure.” Dellann Elliott Mydland – CEO


The End Brain Cancer Initiative’s use of the Vobo Mobile application exemplifies the transformative power of technology in patient engagement and research advancement. By leveraging Vobo’s features to provide real-time information, foster support networks, and promote research collaboration, the organization has made significant strides in their fight against brain cancer. The application’s impact extends beyond patient engagement, as it has also been instrumental in generating vital funds for research and support initiatives. The End Brain Cancer Initiative’s success with Vobo serves as a testament to the potential of modern technology in catalyzing positive change and driving the quest for a cure.

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