The Vobo Story

Brief History

Vobo was founded by a group of seasoned Technology and Marketing professionals with the single mission to give individuals in leadership positions the ability to instantly build and control their own unique application engagement experience without the need to design and code their own custom application.

This led us to the development of a new, market disruptive, technology platform delivering “Applications as a Service”.   Vobo’s path to discovery was led by understanding customer market requirements gathered over years. 

The customer market requirements we were asked to solve:

“Provide a fully branded, uniquely customizable, mobile application platform that allows client organizations the ability to program informational connections and functionality links. These connections will be used by community members to quickly and effective access community features and information delivered in real time. In addition the platform must provide the most advanced enterprise level mobile communications and member engagement service.”

Our ‘App World’ platform has a rapidly growing base of highly satisfied client organizations.  Vobo is uniquely positioned as the gold standard for organizations wanting to build informed and engaged communities.

Vobo’s continuing application development is based on the business tactics of “Discovery, Analysis and Execution”. Vobo’s service provides for all Member Organizations and Businesses to build and distribute to their Communities and Customers a custom branded mobile application and enterprise messaging platform in less than a day.  Building a custom branded Mobile Application with Vobo requires no upfront capital, or maintenance and management fees. A Mobile Application with Vobo requires only a simple monthly recurring purchase, costing just pennies a day. 

We are proud of our people, our product and our path of discovery.  We will continue to foster the creative process and continue to create and expand on our market disruptive solution.

The Vobo Team