About us

Vobo Story...

Vobo was founded by a team...

…of experienced technology and marketing professionals who saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way mobile applications are created and deployed.

Our journey began three years ago when we identified a critical pain-point in the market: the complexity, cost, and resource-intensive nature of building and owning custom mobile applications. This realization fueled our passion to engineer a groundbreaking software suite that transforms this arduous process into a seamless, user-friendly experience.

At Vobo, we’ve revolutionized the way mobile applications are created and deployed. Founded on the principles of simplification and empowerment, our patent-pending solution represents the pinnacle of efficiency and versatility in private mobile app development, deployment, and ownership.

What sets us apart?

We empower community leaders, businesses, and organizations to effortlessly create private, customized mobile applications tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s engaging with members, disseminating information, or facilitating seamless communication, our platform offers unparalleled control and flexibility to non-technical app owners.

We pride ourselves on offering a service that not only streamlines the app creation process but also serves as a cost-effective solution. Our commitment to continual improvement means that each new customer’s needs contribute to enhancing our service for all existing and future users.

Our mission is clear:

To make custom private mobile applications simple, powerful, affordable, and adaptable for their owners. We believe in democratizing the app development landscape, empowering every individual or organization to harness the potential of mobile technology without the usual barriers.

Our Vobo-branded and Private Label partner-branded platform has rapidly gained popularity among satisfied clients and is the go-to solution for organizations seeking to build informed and engaged communities. We are proud of our team, product, and our path of discovery. Our goal is to foster the creative process, continually improve and expand our market-disruptive solution.

Join us on this journey of innovation and empowerment.

Experience the freedom of instant customization, seamless communication, and unparalleled support with Vobo – where owning your custom mobile application is as easy as a few simple clicks.