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80% of your messages are never opened

social media noise drowns out your messages

younger generations don’t do email

Messages Lost in Email Spam

you must have a dedicated mobile communications platform

Custom-branded mobile app in just 24-hours

as low as $29.99/month

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Groundbreaking Communications Platform!

  • Mobile Application as a Service (MAAS)

  • Educate, engage and Inspire with private-branded mobile engagement

  • Build community on your own communications platform

  • Don’t get lost in spam and social media noise.

  • Your messages show up instantly on their iPhone and Android phones as push notifications for assured views with actionable analytics.

You Must go mobile

millennials live on Mobile apps

The world is now mobile centric. We reach for our phones for education, communication, and community engagement.  You need to communicate through your own mobile app or you won’t connect deeply with your audience.

It would cost you over $250,000 and take 6-12 months to build an app like what you can get from Vobo for a little as 24 hours and $29.99/mo.  

Choose Vobo and bring your organization’s communication to the next level today!


engage and energize your community

All info that your community needs...

in the palm of their hands!
  • Instantly update, rebrand, and modify content to keep your information fresh and engaging  

  • Build direct access to any web accessible information

  • Create unlimited Public Opt-In groups or Closed Private Groups  

  • Multi-Hierarchical Management capability

next level communications

Send text, voice, video to one, some, or all followers

Custom Branded with your logo, colors & theme

supportS full multi-media with analytics

Powerful follower management controls

Dedicated channels connect directly to users

80% View Rate

Convert passive followers into a captive audience